Bionicle, Galidor, Kingdom Hearts, Samurai Jack, Toonami, Megas XLR, DCAU, Mirrodin, Potter Puppet Pals, Sym-Bionic Titan, Myst, The Doctor’s Wife, Lego Knights’ Kingdom, PL-Power, Yu-Gi-Oh! DDM, Jareth, Lego Samurai, Imaginaria, Tron Uprising, Babylon 5

Never though you’d see so many licensed and mostly defunct properties in one title before, eh? This post is to describe all my favorite franchises out there, just in case anyone wonders if I’m the same guy as the one on my various forum and game site identities. I’d list them all here, but I fear they may be compromised. Not like anyone would notice this blog, except on a mass Google search. This is my official first post; the Doctor Who Confidential bypass I posted last didn’t get me diddly pop. If anyone notices or cares, post a comment.

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